Key Projects and Referees

Key Projects

The Argent Group completed a review of reward strategy, competitiveness and attraction/retention for a major University.  As a result of our analysis, we highlighted where the University needed to improve its offering; as well as being able to identify which elements of current employment arrangements needed to be emphasised more in communicating with prospective and current employees as a source of competitive advantage.

We developed classification and career descriptors for a major and diverse ~$1Bn utility organisation. Descriptors covered engineering, scientific, technical, trades, operational and administrative roles, and will be instrumental in developing the organisation’s capability framework.

Over an 18 month period, the Argent Group reviewed the reward strategy, remuneration management and performance / reward linkages for a ~$1Bn energy sector organisation.   As a result of our work, the organisation was able to fine-tune its remuneration programs to remain competitive; and also made improvements to their performance management system, structures and processes.

We worked with a major not for profit organisation to review their motor vehicle fleet policies, vehicles costings and fleet management practices.  As a result of our analyses, the Argent Group was able to identify over $800k in savings on projected vehicles costs; as well as creating proper guidelines and business rules to ensure consistency across the organisation around difficult issues such as vehicle costs, eligibility, flexibility, and private use travel. 

The Argent Group conducted an organisational review for a remote local government authority in far north Queensland.   We found that current classifications were fair and reasonable, but we also found opportunities to utilise staff resources more effectively as well as ways to improve service provision with existing resources. Altogether, productivity improvement initiatives and savings worth close to $1m per annum were identified.

The Argent Group conducted a major employee engagement survey for a Faculty of a large regional University. The study identified opportunities for improvement in Faculty management and communication processes, as was seen as a crucial catalyst for encouraging organisational change within the Faculty.

We conducted a comprehensive audit of all the HR programs, policies and systems of this well-known not for profit organisation. As a result of our work, the organisation was able to focus more strategically on its people management practices, and address operational HRM areas where improvement was needed.

The Argent Group conducted a work value and remuneration review of all Practice Assistant positions for a well-known professional services firm. Our analysis recommended improvements in the utilisation and accountabilities of these positions, and we developed a new career and salary structure and identified other measures to improve long term retention.


Mr Andrew Macrides 
Managing Director 
Power and Water Corporation

Dr Carol Dickenson
Registrar,  Queensland
University of Technology

Mr John Pearson
Executive Director Human Resources
University of Southern Queensland

Ms Karina Collins
Partner, Performance
Improvement Consulting,  BDO

Mr Chris McHugh
Chief Executive Officer
RSL (Queensland Branch)

Please telephone or email us, so we can provide the contact details for any of the above referees, or suggest other organisations who would be able to discuss the experience and quality of our work.