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During website navigation and upon purchasing of our products, you may be asked to share your email address or other personal identifying information with us. As provided in these Terms and Conditions, such information will never be distributed to a third party and it will never be publicly visible without your express written consent.

Your email address will only be used to send you the Argent newsletter, subscription updates and information and/or to alert you to any information that you have specifically requested you be notified about. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.


All of the content contained on the Argent  website is edited, checked, and verified for accuracy as much as it is possible to do so. In the case of Products such as HR Policies and Position Descriptions (which are provided in a Microsoft Word format) Argent  stipulate that these products are to be used solely as generic templates/ guidelines to assist companies and individuals and as such each product will require some form of workplace customisation. Argent will not be responsible for any changes made to these documents after completion of purchase is made.

The statistics quoted in all Argent’s Salary Surveys are completely accurate, but are based on information provided to us by contributors which has been checked and verified as far as possible. Salary Survey information is provided as a guide to employers, but is not a professional recommendation. Any final decision on how much to pay an individual is a matter for each employer.

Argent reserves the right to withhold a Survey product from a customer who refuses to provide the required information as part of their subscription in a timely manner; until such time as the information is provided or an outcome has been reached between both parties.


Any and all of the content presented on the Argent website is, unless explicitly stated otherwise, subject to a copyright held by the Argent Group Pty Ltd and Argent Publications Pty Ltd. It is permissible to link to content from this site as long as the original source is clearly stated, but the wholesale reproduction of content is not permitted.

Intellectual Property

The Argent website and all of its original content are the sole property of Argent Publications Pty Ltd and are, as such, fully protected by the appropriate international copyright and other intellectual property rights laws.


All payments are due upon receipt. If a payment is not received or payment method is declined, the buyer forfeits the ownership of any items purchased. If no payment is received, no items will be sent. Payments for products purchased through our website can be made through PayPal, by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer. Argent will invoice customers for consulting works on completion of each project, or progress invoices on the achievement of agreed milestones. 

For information regarding refunds please refer to our Refund/ Return Policy.