• Inventory Clerk - Remuneration Report

Inventory Clerk - Remuneration Report

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All our Remuneration Reports are three pages in length and provide a brief position description covering the job purpose, main accountabilities and matching indicators. This is accompanied by remuneration information and common benefits displayed in a tablulated and graphical format. We also provide a guidline of how to interpret the Report and where an individual employee should be positioned. 

Inventory Clerk                                                                                        

Reports to:

Warehouse Manager or Production Manager

Primary Objectives:

Monitor and compile records of the amount and value of merchandise material or stock on hand across all product codes.

Main Accountabilities:

  • Maintain stock records.
  • Receive and reconcile documentation associated with the movement of stock into or out of the warehouse.
  • Record damage or loss of stock, material and merchandise.
  • Verify inventories taken against records and investigate discrepancies.
  • Enter and check data into the inventory management system.

Matching Indicators:

Unqualified, little experience required.