• Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Remuneration Report

Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Remuneration Report

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All our Remuneration Reports are three pages in length and provide a brief position description covering the job purpose, main accountabilities and matching indicators. This is accompanied by remuneration information and common benefits displayed in a tablulated and graphical format. We also provide a guidline of how to interpret the Report and where an individual employee should be positioned. 

Chief Information Officer (CIO)                                   

Reports to:

Chief Executive

Primary Objectives:

Plan, direct and control the Information, Knowledge Management and Technology activities of the company and coordinate the effective design, implementation and operation of IT systems and applications.

Main Accountabilities:

  • Plan and formulate Information and Knowledge Management.
  • Control the security and functionality of information systems.
  • Control the selection and training of IT staff and monitor their performance.
  • Direct the selection, installation and use of computer equipment and software.
  • Direct maintenance work and quality control to ensure an efficient and timely operation of all IT and business systems.

Matching Indicators:

Relevant degree and advanced qualifications with over fifteen years experience in an IT environment with at least twenty staff and technology assets greater than $1m.